3 hour Workshops:  3 choices!

Fees for 3 hour classes:

      $20.00 per student (6-20 students) plus $0.37 per mile traveled

1.  Wholehearted Wholecloth
This workshop is tailored for beginners as well as advanced Appliqué Artists.  Each heart pattern is designed to blend with any Baltimore Album Quilt style pattern.  Choose from 20 different heart patterns designed by Jeannie Oliveria.  A heart symbolizes devotion.
Students will learn:    
  • Pattern Preparation

  • Wholecloth needleturn cutwork appliqué (this is the easiest form of appliqué to learn)

  • Invisible appliqué stitch

  • Perfect points - Inside corners - Smooth outside curves - Reverse appliqué

  • Tips and tricks of successful appliqué

Supplies to bring:    
  • John James straw needles # 10 or #11
  • Mettler silk covered cotton thread or silk thread that matches the color of your heart
  • 16" x 16" 100% cotton neutral background
  • 15" x 15" 100% cotton color foreground
  • Cut to the point paper scissors
  • Cut to the point sewing scissors ( like stork scissors) 
  • Patterns are supplied for the 3 hour workshop.
2.  Depression Era Stencil Babies  


These adorable babies can be stenciled in this 3 hour workshop. Stencil paints will be provided. The stenciling will be completed and the embroidery will be started in class, and then finished at home. Other Stencil Kids patterns may be purchased at class.
This class size should be 6-15 students
3.  Ribbon Play     


Students will learn:    
  • In this workshop learn how to manipulate wire edge ribbon into delightful flowers suitable to fashion into a lapel pin, hat pin or dimensional flowers for your quilt.
This class is taught at BEVERLY FABRICS in Monterey, CA.
4 hour Workshops:  2 choices!

Fees for 4 hour classes:

      $25.00 per student  plus $0.37 per mile traveled

1.  Jeannie's Pocket Purses  



Students will learn:    
  • How to create the floral images and the pocket purse pattern.  This little purse is very convenient for carrying cash and business cards.
Class Size:    
  • 10-20 students
Supplies to bring:    
  • Bring your sewing machine!
2.  Extreme Beginner

Rabbits symbolize Hope and Faith Sunflowers symbolize Homage and Servanthood

This four hour workshop is tailored for new beginners and is taught only at The Handmaden in Pacific Grove, California, in 2 parts.  The two 2 hour workshops are scheduled one or two weeks apart.

Class Size:    
  • 2-4 students

6 hour Workshops

Fees for 4 hour classes:

      $45.00 per student  plus $0.37 per mile traveled

      Quilters Guilds Workshop $350. max. 15 student

1.  Folk Art to Fancy Appliqué


Jeannie Oliveria teaches all skill levels beginning to advanced in an encouraging and challenging workshop.  In this lesson, appliqué a vase and fill it with rolled wire edged ribbon flowers. The finished piece will be a 15" x 15" square suitable for framing, an elegant pillow, or join future workshops with Jeannie and create a delightful quilt.


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