Jeannie's New Work

The Garden Angel of Monterey

I spent most of last year creating The Garden Angel of Monterey, "she" was awarded First Place in the Small Quilts Category at our local show.  A velvet crazy quilt, her border is filled with wire edge ribbon flowers.

Wholehearted Devotion

I had the pleasure of Designing and Overseeing the creation of Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild 2002 Opportunity Quilt called "Wholehearted Devotion." A Bachelor won the Quilt when he purchased tickets at the Monterey County Fair 2001.  He takes exquisite care of his treasure and let us enter it in the fair this year, It won first Place in the Group Quilt Category.

Brave Heart

This is a smaller quilt, embellished with four different hearts.

Vessel of Hope

Several of my dearest friends in our Friendship Group create an Opportunity Quilt every other year for the Compassion Pregnancy Center, a women helping women organization. This is a copy our quilt for 2003. It is an appliquéd vase with Ribbon Flowers. The Women in our group meet 2 times a month and we support each other with prayer and encouragement.

Fruitful Album

Fruitful Album is full of symbolism popular in the 1850's.  The Album Quilts of the 1850’s were filled with images that conveyed Unspoken Messages. If you had received an Album Quilt in 1850, you would have recognized the symbols sewn in the quilt, and been able to interpret the message. 
 Listed below are the symbolic meanings of Fruitful Album:
  • Angels -Guidance and Protection
  • House - Shelter
  • Rabbits - Hope and Faith
  • Full Blown Vase of Roses - A Token of Affection
  • Vine wreathed Heart - Devotion to Christ
  • Peaches - Salvation
  • Pineapples - Hospitality
  • Basket of Grapes - Bear Much Fruit “I am the vine you are the branches.  He that abides in Me, and I in him the same brings forth much fruit.” John 15:5
  • Pears - Christ’s Love for man
  • Floral Horn of Plenty - Thankfulness and Affection
  • Crown - Victory in Eternity
  • Rosebuds - Purity
  • Single Rose - Simplicity
  • Fruit Horn of Plenty - Fruit of the Spirit “The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness Faith Meekness and Self-control.” Galatians 5:23
  • Sunflowers - Homage and Devotion (A Servants Heart) I loved the Banner and heart created by Cheryl and wanted to incorporate them into my quilt.  The rest of the blocks are a blend of my designs, contemporary and Antique Baltimore Designs.

Pacific Grove Butterflies

This is a 16"x 16" quilt. It is the sister to the Pacific Grove Butterflies 2000 16" by 16" quilt that I made for the Pacific Grove Residents Association for the the City Time Capsule that will be opened in 2050.  If I am not in Heaven I will be 94 years old when they open it, so I thought I better make a sister quilt for my descendants.
Stencil Babies

These quilts are samples from the Stencil Babies Workshop.  They are in progress. The stencil baby designs are a blend of my own designs and designs from the 1920's and 30's, I hope to complete these 2 soon so I can use them as class samples.

I am currently teaching at Carmel Adult School, a class called "Folk Art to Fancy".  This is a series of designs that begin with Hand Appliqué Vases, Baskets Hearts and Bouquets and are then filled with Dimensional Ribbon Flowers.



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